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Budynki PCO S.A.


To fulfill needs and expectations of the customers by supplying on time, modern, reliable and safe optoelectronic devices providing security.



To be the leading supplier of optoelectronic solutions for the Polish Armed Forces and significant on foreign markets.



Innovations for the safety of the population.




Our brand and the values attached to it distinguish PCO S.A. from its competitors. We pursue these values on a day-to-day basis and we are proud of them. Our values constitute a solid foundation on which the future of our company can be based. We are governed by the following values:


Client orientation
  • We build constant relations with clients;
  • We listen to our clients and gain needed information from them; 
  • We shape our offer according to adequate segment of the market; 
  • We concentrate on the value which is the most important for certain client.
Development and innovation
  • We implement modern technologies and solutions; 
  • We meet needs of our clients; 
  • We seek inspiration from our entourage; 
  • We support creative people; 
  • We enable development of our employees.
  • We have high professional qualifications and experience;
  • We combine most modern achievements in optics, electronics and mechatronics with most modern trends in the military technology;
  • We posses our own research and development infrastructure;
  • We srive for the highest quality;
  • We develop our competence;
  • We respect our Clients;
  • We cooperate with scientists from various research institutes.
  • We act in a professional and responsible way; 
  • We care for the environment; 
  • We value work safety and protection of the environment; 
  • We train our personnel in safety and work hygiene standards
  • We keep our promises; 
  • We take responsibility for our actions and personnel we manage; 
  • We always finish tasks we undertake;
  • We fulfil our tasks in an active way and make decisions on time; 
  • We care for the property of the company; 
  • We properly protect confidential information.
Cooperation and exchange of knowledge 
  • We employ qualified specialists;
  • Mutual trust and respect is a base of our activity ;
  • We share gained experience with the new generation of employees; 
  • We work as a team to find the best solution for our clients; 
  • We communicate among ourselves in a clear way;
  • For us success of a team is the most important; 
  • We respect other people’s point of view; 
  • We ask questions when we have doubts.
  • We have strong ties with the Company; 
  • We support creativity and initiative of employees; 
  • We train and extend knowledge of our employees; 
  • We fulfill our tasks with passion;
  • We work to achieve our goals.
Responsibility, reliability and loyalty 
  • We are honest to ourselves and our Clients; 
  • Our work is reliable; 
  • Our promise is a responsibility; 
  • We are honest; 
  • We are driven by ethics; 
  • We respect property of the company; 
  • We express our opinions openly; 
  • We are loyal to the company and  to ourselves;
  • We are loyal to our Clients; 
  • We build values and reputation of the company together; 
  • Interests of the company have highest priority for us; 
  • We reliably realize our tasks; 
  • We strive to achieve our goals; 
  • We are committed to our work.


Innowacyjna gospodarka, Narodowa strategia spójności
Unia Europejska, Europejski Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego
Polska Platforma Technologiczna FotonikiI Konferencja Optoelektroniczna