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PCO S.A. during Anakonda 2014 exercise


PCO S.A. was presenting its products i.a. PNL-2AD, MU-3, MU-3M, PNL-3M nightvision goggles, thermovisual sight SCT, GOD and GOC optoelectronic heads, during Anakonda 2014 exercise.

Reperesentatives of the company also participated in Day of the Observer on the central training field of the Airforce in Ustka and Day of the Distinguished Guests in Training Centre  of the Land Forces in Orzysz.


Anakonda is the biggest exercise of this type in Poland, taking place on various training fields. In this year's edition over 12 thousand Polish soldiers and 750 from allied armies.

Innowacyjna gospodarka, Narodowa strategia spójności
Unia Europejska, Europejski Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego
Polska Platforma Technologiczna FotonikiI Konferencja Optoelektroniczna