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PPTF's Council of Representatives meeting


On 14 th January 2015  another meeting of the Council of Representatives of Polish Technological Platform on Photonics was held in the headquarters of PCO S.A. The meeting was led by PPTF Coordinator – Ryszard Kardasz, CEO of PCO S.A.


At the beginning of the meeting, Council of Representatives convened a new Vice-chairman of the PPTF Council which became Mr. Adam Piotrowski, CEO of Vigo Systems S.A. Mr. Piotrowski will also represents The Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology in the Council.


Among many topics discussed during the meeting were: presentation of the newest Member - The Military Institute of Aviation Medicine and information about the Third Symposium of the Photonics Society of Poland combined with 3rd International Trade for Optoelectronics and Photonics OPTONexpo planned on 8-9th April 2015 and will be organized in Warsaw Center EXPO XXI.


The most important provision of the meeting was the positive reception of the PPTF’s Strategy base document prepared by PPTF Steering Committee.

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