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Budynki PCO S.A.


PCO S.A. is a socially responsible company giving priority to building partnership with clients, suppliers, partners, employees and local community. We actively support development of science and entrepreneurship, cooperating with universities, scientific institutes and support numerous social and charity initiatives.


We implement values of the socially responsible businness by:


Partnership with clients and suppliers

According our mission and vision we try to fulfil expectations and requirements of clients by supplying on time modern and reliable optoelectronic devices increasing safety.  Also in contacts with suppliers and business partners we respect values of partnership and honesty. 

We create friendly workplaces

Employees are the biggest value for the company and base of its success. That is why we care for our employees and support their further development and training.

We promote family values

PCO S.A. regards family life as the highest value and supports family initiatives based on harmony and balance between the family, private life and work. We participate in "Two hours for the family" campaign, being an element of the   International Day of the Family.

We cooperate with research and development circles

During research and development activities company actively cooperates with technical universities and research-development centres, including Institute of Optoelectronics of the Military University of Technology, Air Force Institute of Technology, Military Institute of Armament Technology and Military Institute of Armour and Vehicles Technology.

We are a student friendly company

PCO S.A. cooperates with technical universities and high schools what includes student visits in the company, lectures, practices and probations, opinions on educational level and education programmes and participation in trade fairs organized by universities. We cooperate ia. with Military University of Technology, Technical University Warsaw, Academy of National Defence and Higher School of the Air Force in Dęblin.  

We participate in patriotic initiatives

We highly value propagating of the patriotic values and traditions. We support events commemorating important anniversaries. In the pas we had supported ia. organisation of the Rock of Independence concert and conference "Poland in a cycle of revolutions - VIRUS of technology changes Polish future".  

We support local communities

We highly value good contacts with local communities, including inhabitants of Gocław region by supporting ia. local schools.

We care for the environment

We fulfill all requirements of the environmental protection. We have gained "Environment friendly company" certificate. 

We support balanced development and innovations

Initiatives of the company fit into EU policy towards the most modern areas of the European economy. Establishment of the Polish Technological Platform on Photonics was in accordance with Europe 2020 Strategy. Photonics is nowadays one of the key technologies in the EU.

We support charity organisations

PCO S.A. willingly supports various social and charity projects. The aim of these projects is to aid poor families and provide the sick and the disabled with chances to improve their health and future. Additionaly we give help to hospitals and hospices. We try to help the suffering as fast as possible especially in cases when lives are being threatened (during natural dissasters).

We support troops participating in military missions

Safety of Polish soldiers on the battlefield is our priority. We support soldiers who suffered during missions and war veterans.





 Polski Czerwony Krzyż


 Fundacja Dzieciom „Zdążyć z Pomocą”


 Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Dzieci


 Szpital Specjalistyczny im. Świętej Rodziny w Warszawie


 Hospicjum Onkologiczne im. Św Krzysztofa w Warszawie


Innowacyjna gospodarka, Narodowa strategia spójności
Unia Europejska, Europejski Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego
Polska Platforma Technologiczna FotonikiI Konferencja Optoelektroniczna