2021 engStudy visit of officers


A study visit of officers from the Postgraduate Studies of the Military Foreign Service and the Military Foreign Service Personnel Preparation Course took place in the PCO S.A. headquarters on February 15, 2021,

In order to make future Defence Attachés familiar with the activity of the Company, a multimedia presentation on the operations and portfolio of PCO S.A. was shown. Guests had also an opportunity to get familiar with selected products of the Company, including the PNL-3M Aviation Night Vision Goggles, MU-3ADM Night Vision Goggles, PNL-2AD “SOKÓŁ” Night Vision Goggles, MU-3M “KOLIBER” Night Vision Monocular, NPL-1T Night Vision Binoculars, NPL-1M “BROM” Night Vision Binoculars, DCM-1 “SZAFIR” Daylight Modular Sight and SCT “RUBIN” Thermal Weapon Sight.

Study visit of officers


PCO S.A. is a company with over 45 years of experience. It is the biggest Polish producer of optoelectronic devices with use of night vision, thermal imaging and laser technology.


28 Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego St.,
PL 03-982 Warsaw, Poland