2019Contract on delivery of the night vision equipment


On 24th of October a ceremony of signing contract on delivery of the night-vision equipment for the Polish Armed Forces, was held in premises of the PCO. Contract was siged by Paweł Glica – President o Board of PCO ang gen. Dariusz Pluta – Chief of the Arms Inspectorate, in presence of Mariusz Błaszczak – Minister of Defence and Sebastian Chwałek – Vice-President of the Board of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa.

Contract involves delivery of the 128 MU-3 night vision goggled, 554 MU-3AM night vision goggles, and 655 MU-3ADM miniaturized night vision goggles.

Mariusz Błaszczak underlined that PCO has already been delivering equipment for the Polish Armed Forces and Company’s products gained recognition of the soldiers as lightweight and fulfilling highest standards. Minister added that the Armed Forces will be using equipment delivered by the domestic companies whenever poossible.

Paweł Glica said that the contract will greatly influence development of the Polish optoelectronic industry. He also stressed that PCO develops production of both equipment for the individual soldier and combat platforms.

Sebastian Chwałek reminded that PCO delivers products also to foreign clients and various Polish uniform services. He also mentioned growing incomes of the Company.

Press release by the PGZ

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Contract on delivery of the night vision equipment


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