Bez kategoriiPCO S.A. delivered equipment for the Border Guard

At the end of November this year, PCO S.A. signed a contract with the Headquarters of the Border Guard for the delivery of NPL-1T thermal imaging binoculars. In mid-December, the company conducted a training for users of the equipment, and then delivered 41 sets of the device to the Headquarters of the Podlasie Border Guard Branch in Białystok.

The NPL-1T thermal imaging binoculars are designed for day and night observation and low visibility conditions.

The design solutions applied in the thermal imaging binoculars and the advanced thermal image processing methods used have resulted in exceptional thermal image quality while reducing weight and power consumption. The thermal image is presented on two OLED displays or can be sent via digital video output to an external head-up display or monitor. The device allows the images to be stored in internal memory with the possibility of transferring the photographs to a computer. The NPL-1T binoculars are compatible with a military GPS receiver, allowing the display of geographic coordinates and time on the screen.  The NPL-1T binoculars are equipped with a rangefinder reticle which allows the observer to estimate the distance to an object. The angular dimensions of the reticle correspond to the viewing angles of an approximately 1.7m tall target at specific distances.


PCO S.A. is a company with over 45 years of experience. It is the biggest Polish producer of optoelectronic devices with use of night vision, thermal imaging and laser technology.


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